01 September 2007

The popoki project and the associated notes have been in my knitting bag for some time now. This was how I left the swatch for the border treatment. After reviewing the notes and charts I did a little tweaking and decided to swatch my new plan with something other than the black linen.

I decided to focus on the not well charted treatment of the shark edging being worked at the same time as the growing triangle. I didn't bother with the central cats paw motifs in the centre triangle after the first one.

There were a couple of false starts because my notes were not all they could have been but the act of swatching made things much clearer.

I made the executive decision to finish the shawl before continuing the revisit of the casual cables cardigan so a second size 5 US needle got pressed into service to hold half of the 300-something stitches of the shawl's edge.

After working in the poison green cotton, I picked up a ball of the linen and worked up a second version this time with the centre motifs.

The idea is that I'll use the short rowed live stitches to begin the wave stitch pattern portion of the final edge treatment. The sides of the shawl will have both the wave stitch and the shark's tooth edging but the centre back will only have the knitted diamond and the shark's tooth edging.

The wave stitch portion of the edging will be joined to the body of the shawl by knitting the body's live stitches and the edging's first stitch together.

This is not exactly suitable for walkabout knitting and I still have a few questions to resolve and maybe another tweak or to the design before I commit to the knitting but the project is much closer to the FO column.


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