30 August 2007

Hot muggy, miserable doesn't sound like San Diego weather but that's how it has been. Depending upon who you ask it has been this way for a month or better with little relief.

I don't do hot and humid well. I really don't do weather so hot and humid that even cotton gets too wet in your sweating fingers to knit.

All of the projects I have on my to finish list are, of course too big to comfortably knit even if the weather was a bit less uncomfortable. Still, I finally got my swatch for reclaiming the Casual Cables cardigan done. I'm comfortable with the fabric I'm getting with size 5 US needles and a gauge of tick over 5 spi. The only fly in this mix is that the popoki shawl is also a size 5 US project and my supply of suitable circs is pressed to the limit.


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