27 August 2007

The wire story continues.

Curious about the colour variation in the blue kynar wire, I dropped into yet another Radio Shack and picked up not only some blue wire but also a package of magnet wire.

At Radio Shack the kynar wire goes by the name of insulated wrapping wire.

The colour selection is limited (blue, white & red) and the price per foot is not the most economical for larger projects, it's a good option for the just wants to try it crowd. Yes, I'm always thinking of teaching options.

The magnet wire packet contains 40 feet of 22 gauge, 75 feet of 26 gauge and 200 feet of 30 gauge. I'm interested in comparing this to enamel coated copper wire.

I braved the possibility of a bead bath by worrying the tin containing the tiny beads. The fates were with me and the lid finally came loose without a bead shower.

Meanwhile I'm being uber picky about the latest green wire cube.

I wasn't happy with the first wire ball I knit for this effort so I did a second with more beads.

When I was ready to start the decreases to encase the ball, I realised that my decision to purl the sides wasn't very well thought out.

I turned it inside out, started again, tore back, put it back to the original and began again more than once.

It didn't photograph well and I think that bothered me a little more than it should.

But it still bothered me and so I frogged it back again and it is just sitting waiting for me to make a decision about its fate.

My thinking at this point is that I should just finish off this cube and knit a second (this time not purling the sides) to contain the knitted wire ball.

The little bracelet experiment seems to have legs so I think I'll add it to my list of classes I can teach if asked.


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