15 October 2007

Two Square Yarn Stores & a Belgrade Beauty

Because Southern Californians can't really resist the price comparison photo, here's a shot of the prevailing price of gas while I was in Ohio. I actually saw it for 2.55 at one station -- such a bargain. I'm feeling quite nostalgic.

On the Wednesday, I decided to take a swing North East and revisit some old haunts and take in yet another LYS.

Eileen had expressed an interest in learning to knit with dps which gave me an excuse to go pick out some needles and yarn suitable for a quick knit first project.

I took the 91 North out of Hudson and rolled up through Twinsburg, Solon, Moreland Hills, and Hunting Valley. By Mayfield, I turned East onto Wilson Mills Road and caught the 174 (aka Chagrin River Road) North through the North Chagrin Metropark before catching the 6 into Chardon.

I took a couple rings round the square before I found the shop and a convenient parking spot near my destination -- Knitting on The Square in historic downtown Chardon.

I did my usual check for a softcover copy of Mary Thomas Knitting Patterns, talked knit with some fellow customers and knit away on Libby's leg warmers before picking up some dps and a bit of yarn suitable for the learn to knit with dps project.

Owner Kate and a half dozen or more knitters were enjoying a bit of group knitting as I took my leave and headed South.

I dropped round Punderson State park, the Polo Field and then dropped down into Chagrin Falls.

It was a gorgeous day in Chagrin and I stopped into the Popcorn Shop to pick up some food souvenirs for the co-workers.

In a perfect world, I'd have been able to bring back the first round of Presti's doughnuts, Nighttown ribs, chocolate covered strawberries or even some of the terrific caramel corn from the shop, but the world's not fair so I settled for the highly addictive Euclid Beach Candy Kisses still available from the Humphrey company.

I rambled around a bit, phoned old pal Billy -- just to say hey before winding my way back South.

On Thursday, while running about, I dropped round to the Trader Joe's at what we used to call Eton Square (now renamed and reopened as Eton Chagrin Boulevard) to pick up some wine and flowers for my evening with Borjana & Barney.

Earlier in the week at Fine Points I heard that he knitting shop near Eton Square was closing.

I had visited this shop some years back and found it to be very frou-frou yarn friendly and since that's really not my thing, I wasn't very bonded to the shop. I had time on my hands and I couldn't resist a look see.

It was a pretty sad scene as all LYS closings are. I don't know the whole back story enough to know whether it was a retirement, a fad run its course or what. While
I was still hoping for bamboo but I found corn and Glace instead.

I know Borjana & Barney well enough to budget my caloric intake before visiting. There will, inevitably, be lots of food, lots of wine and lots of good conversation and a bit of B& B bickering -- somethings don't change.

Another thing that doesn't change is Borjana. She's gorgeous - seriously gorgeous and although she doesn't count her own knitting in my crazy class, she has done some lovely stuff and her crochet is wonderful.

There's a rich textile and handwork history in her family and I was treated to a show and tell of some of the pieces. I didn't see the tea towels I designed and embroidered for her lo those many Christmases ago, I'll have to ask next time as I've totally forgotten how to do that sort of embroidery and I could use a brain jog.

In a total surprise, I ended up bringing home a sweet little crocheted cardigan that Borjana made more than 30 years ago in Belgrade. It's an inspiration piece for me on two levels, right now it doesn't quite button at the bottom and I'd like it to. I'm also planning to use it as an inspiration for a knitted lace cardigan


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