14 October 2007

Circle (University) , square (Shaker) and stitch Cleveland

Abby going from pink to green is my excuse for popping into Fine Points before making my way to University Circle and the law school on Tuesday the 2nd -- well, that and concern that the single skein of bamboo was not going to go the distance for Libby's legwarmers.

While I liked the place and I even did my bit at classically enabling in the clothing boutique side of the biz upstairs it has a totally different feel than the quaint charm of Cornerstone Yarns.

Different shops, different markets, different positioning to make it work. Some elements of Fine Points remind me of an interesting mix of Helga's and Crewel World -- all of those shops have/had inventory with long discontinued yarns and they all found/find a way to merchandise/market/kit up the bits and bobs.

I can't say that I really bonded with Fine Points but I did spend a few bob on some Noro after considering some more uber embellished options for Missy Abby's legwarmers.

Leaving Larchmere, I made my way to CWRU and University Circle. The construction/destruction of the area made it a bit more of a circle jerk than I remembered but I got there.

I found a parking spot out by the Cleveland Music School Settlement and in a nothing ever really changes, the meter wasn't working (read sucking quarters and not giving time) and the voice mail box to complain/register the problem was full -- pish.

Still, it was so all worth it to sneak up and deliver the specified but unexpected smoke ring to Miss Jean aka Jean Carter.

I'm not a good judge on sizing for such things because I have a pin head and tiny hands so I was really worried that the smoke ring /hood was a honking huge wind tunnel and that the mitten was an oven mitt. Turns out that the smoke ring was perfect and the mitten was on target.

I decided to get adventuresome and roll West to Lakewood to connect with Shannon & co at Stitch Cleveland. I'm not sure which was more of the adventure -- going to the West side or going through Dead Man's Curve. It's hard for me to believe/remember how intimidated I used to be of that stretch of road and of all the highways/freeways in the area. Even with a back up on the Shoreway/interbelt it was a total breeze compared to my frequent six lanes of stupid.

Whether Shannon's directions or my interp were less than perfect is a debate point, but a nice guy who was out for bread -- no really, a run to Breadsmith got me turned right round on course.

It's a nice workshop area. Shannon & Megan couldn't have been more fun and my only regret is that the bamboo hunt once again turned up no parrot.

Once again depending upon how things pan out I may or may not be working with Shannon on one of her many book projects. Timeline's tight but I can usually crank out a sweater in two weeks or less and I love the idea of really out there fibres -- like that's not a trend for me -- duh.


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