13 September 2007

What a month of holidays and transitions -- Ramadan (aka the party starts at sunset), High Holy Days, Mexican Independence day, and End of Summer --- eeek.

Got a mailing from Helga's -- she's closing shop again. This time perhaps for good. I think I'll try to get over there on Tuesday after I do my volunteer gig (and clean up a bit). I would try for tomorrow but I have a back log of blog entries I need to finish, polish & publish.

I've 15 days to Cleve-burg and while much is settled, much is still in flux and weighing down the to-do list.

Mexican Independence day (the 16th) is also Whistlestop and I will be walking and most likely working on my endless add the edging to my Polynesian Popoki shawl. With a bit of luck I'll be working the mirror image version of the edgings.

In a weird twist of things, the woman -- Hi Robin! -- who took the place of the company librarian is an artist, novice knitter, not much of a reader and part of a co-worker's Tuesday night knitting group. I find that I can help her in her new role as librarian and also as new knitter.

I also did a mini walkabout on Thursday and, on a stop into the Mission Hills Library, found yet another fallen away knitter and librarian.

If you're sensing a library theme/back story you're right -- more on that in a later posting.


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