23 October 2007

Fire burn out and another orange sunset

While in Hudson, I'd agreed to knit at least one chemo cap for the Miss Chickpea's breast cancer effort.

I started the project with some of the pink yarn I'd purchased for Abby's leg warmers some time back. This was before Abby turned from pink to green.

It's a cotton and microfibre blend which is nice, soft, easy care and nice for a pretty chemo cap. I was happily working away when I realised that it was going to be way too big.

In a plan B moment I decided to put it together with some funky stuff I had from the Guild stash sale.

I finished the chunkier gauge version on the 14th or so and hoped to make a second one but I got side tracked with other knitting.

With the get it back to Hudson deadline looming, I packed it up and took a trip to the local post office
where they assured me that it would make it to Hudson by the deadline.

I have my doubts but I'm hopeful.
One of the only locals know this things about the fires is that a major US Postal Service distro facility is in Rancho Bernardo in the Carmel Mountain Ranch area. So a whole bunch of mail is going to have to be rerouted.

Yes, Id d weave in the ends before shifting it.

Per usual with me, centre out top down and I added a couple of lace panels just because.

Today, like yesterday, has been a surreal experience -- fires raging all over the county but near Balboa Park and downtown you wouldn't know it unless, of course, like most people, you were glued to the news.

Today's media message beyond the what's closed, what's open, what's threatened, was about conserving water, power and limiting cell phone usage.

In my part of town it was almost impossible to make a connection on a land line as all circuits were in a constant state of busy so while playing info central for a circle of friends, I did my best to at least keep the cell phone calls short and to a minimum.

Like a lot of people, I was feeling the need/desire to do something but there were more volunteers than slots to fill so I went with plan B and knit, sent my chemo cap to Hudson, played info central and registered at Volunteer San Diego to match myself up with either fire related volunteer needs or openings that won't be filled because the fire stuff is "sexier."

The Borjana beret hit the needles today as I cast about and needed to cast on for another project. It's portable, moderately mindless but there will be a duh -- discussion of tams, berets and when and why to use different construction methods in a future posting. I'd reached the time to shift increase points and ratios point by the time I was out the door to the post office.

After dropping the chemo cap into the tender mercies of the post office, I decided that I was approaching fire burn out or information over load.

My plan was to roll down to the Shake's for happy hour and maybe at least catch a few minutes of catch up time with Steph. I've not been down the pub or seen Steph in an age and with our plans to catch coffee/breakfast this morning dashed, I thought I could catch her before she headed home.

Didn't quite work that way as I ran into a number of distractions along the way and arrived much later than I'd originally thought.

I took the shot of the orange sunset over the bay from the top of the Washington Street hill in Mission Hills. That's not fire that's just the ash impacting the atmosphere.


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