19 October 2007

Rocking Knit Out,

On Sunday the 7th, some North Coast Knitters were doing a Knit & Crochet Out at the food court at UTC.

On a different North Coast, other North Coast Knitters were doing a Knit & Crochet Out on Lake Erie by the Rock Hall (aka Rock and Roll Hall of Fame).

Me? I was
soaking up the sun in Cleveland.

I couldn't say for sure, but I suspect that it was sunnier and warmer by the lake in Cleveland. There was much shuffling of seats in search of shade as the time went by,

I'd hoped that the girls could have joined me but between a HVAC emergency at the libary, a pre-PSAT prep course and a social butterfly other engagement, I was on my own.

Shannon and Megan from Stitch Cleveland along with Kate from Knitting on the Square, Lorraine Ehrlinger and, of course, Ludmilla were among the assembled. I didn't catch a lot of names but I did have a good time and made pretty good progress on my knitting.

The vendors sorted things out so that everyone who filled out a raffle ticket won something. While I was hoping, bag lady that I am, for one of the stunningly attractive knitting bags, I ended up with rather large knitting needles that are now part of the Polott knitting supplies.

As things were winding down, I accepted Ludmilla's invitation to catch a coffee. It was a bit of a Mr Toad's wild ride to the West Side but we arrived safely a little shop and I sucked down green iced tea to counteract the day's sun.

The knitters, crocheters, weavers and spinners had all rolled home by the time Ludmilla dropped me back at the parking lot so dreams of Maria's Roman room excesses are also in the next time bin.


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