01 November 2007

Disc Redux or Circling back 'round to an Ooops

Happy Celtic New Year, Day of the Dead and, for me, a return to mobility, the knees have not been happy with recent weather shifts so it has been hobble hobble, ice and isolation. Kali has, of course, been very sympathetic and, as a result, damned near killed me on more than one occasion. This is the cat whose follow along in front has caused two broken toes -- pish.

Recent forays into the circle of round knitting got me to revisit the different increase methods to form knitted approximations of a circle.

While I was looking for clarification, I found an oops in my 1 November 2006 entry on Mary Thomas' recipe for knitting the disc form of a circle.

Without reknitting a disc circle, I'm revisiting my notes and will not only be correcting the original blog entry but also adding a comment to document the corrections.

Sorry, but at least I admit mistakes and fix them.


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