14 December 2007

Mitered mittens musing

The hat got frogged and became a second mitten

My other veer off from EZ's pattern instructions came when I used the afterthought thumb trick instead of the "snip it, snip it good" method.

It let the yarn colour changes continue without any disruption and also gives me the option of snipping later to adjust the thumb position to the recipient.

In addition, the waste yarn provides a good marker when making the matching mitten.

The mitre (read matched bias knitting) works well with the paint. Clearly the mittens are fraternal twins but it isn't a jarring difference.

What is jarring to me is the palm side of the mitten as worn.

The pattern produces this lovely straight column and the sweet little thumb does fold nicely flat. But put an actual human hand in and the centre column shifts left or right and looks damned uncomfortable.

Maggie Righetti was right, it's the photo they don't show or what doesn't show in the photo that really tells the tale.

The mitred mitten by EZ is almost never shown palm side on a hand.

This leads me to wonder if a myriad of mitred mittens given as gifts and looking so nice in their boxes haven't been returned to the boxes when the actual wearing didn't live up to the promise.

If the intended recipient has a thumb that joins the hand at a less 45 degree angle or a very thin hand, these mittens might not have such a distortion.

I don't know very many people with that particular hand outline.

This pair will be making their way East in the hope that the distortion will not be as distracting to wearer as it is to me, but I'm putting this mitten pattern and ones based on it in the EZ to knit but not to wear bin.

In looking for an easy to knit and easy to wear alternate solution, I've started swatching for a mutant mitred mitten of one sort or another that will marry mitre and thumb gusset for a better fitting mitten.


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