01 January 2013

A photo a day or rising to a challenge

Clearly I've been a bit of a slug (note understatement) in keeping current with the blog.

With a new camera to learn, and having toyed with the idea of doing the photo a day thing, when Debbi Young McNeer of Knit.Run.Reap.Eat and ShrinkingKnitter asked who as in for the 2013 challenge, I answered with a conditional yes.
Balboa Park at 18:00 on 1 Jan 2013 walking toward the California Tower at Balboa Park
My 6 o 'clock for 1 Jan 2013 Balboa Park

Why conditional? Well, many of the monthly photo prompts include more self-portraits and personal stuff than I'm warm and fuzzy with so stuff like where I slept, what I do, inside your closet/bathroom cabinet/fridge is a little too Internet invasive for me.

Other stuff like breakfast, lunch, dinner and other focus on food is also problematic. Honestly, to do photos of these and other problematic prompts I'd have to go out of my way to reorder my life to change my routine and get a photo worth taking.

I decided that I probably needed a different list and options. Options including looking through my archive of photos that I haven't posted if it fit the photo prompt better than any shot that presented itself that day.

I have to tell you, carting a camera around with you does tend to make you look for shots and I don't really have enough time, nor do I have the inclination, to pass up a great photo just to meet the photo prompt theme.

Bottom line, I don't want to limit myself and the whole photo prompt idea (at least to me) is about being inspired and looking for photo opportunities and I'm pretty inspired.

I looked at some of the photo prompts from different sources including Fatmumslim and made my own list of 365 words/phrases and some wild cards. Then I ran my list through a couple of different random list generators including random.org and psychicscience I did 7 different sorts and then I included two other photo challenge pages' lists (fatmumslim and Authentic Realities for January 2013.

That gives me up to nine different themes for any given day. With a bit of luck one or more of those prompts will be a photo opportunity that presents (and turns out less than totally sucky) on the day or an archived photo.

1 January 2013's words were traffic, hidden, along the way, wild, 6 o'clock, safe, addition, today, you. Since "you" was out of the question, I went on walkabout with the other eight in mind.

Today's photo is my 6 o'clock
Tomorrow's words are train, arithmetic, arch, clock, dial, begins with A, sound, something new, celebration.

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Blogger Debbi McNeer said...

So glad you're posting, I looked all over for something like this when I got my DSLR ages and ages ago, and couldn't find anything. I certainly understand your reluctance to share images of personal prompts - those are the most difficult for me, but I guess that's part of the challenge. So far I don't think I've overshared. And I skip them if it's too personal. Or weird. =) Are you posting on Instagram, too, or here on your blog?

Blogger walkaboutknitter said...

Never got into the Instagram fad so it FB and the blog for now. Maybe if I ever get my web hosting sorted things will show up there too.


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