01 January 2013

Time travel when you need it

bigger on the inside blocking with wiresIf the time travel really worked, this shawl was complete and I medalled during the 2012 ravelry games.

Actually, maybe time travel really does work and this was finished in time for me to medal (before I began) but I'm on the wrong plane and/or alternate universe -- could happen.

2012 was not a stellar year for my cousin Lorri so clearly some comfort knitting was in order.  As we are both Whovians, when the 2012 Spring/Summer Knitty came out with the Knitting On the Inside shawl pattern the only logical thing to do was look for suitable yarn.

Cascade 220 Fingering and the also ran yarnI had lace, well nearer cobweb, weight blue yarn in my stash -- 1000+ yarns of it in a "really do you want to wind that by hand?" hank which I dutifully swatched from the unwound hank and found to be impossible.

I will confess that I did buy several other quantities of yarn options before settling on the insanely suitable and well priced Cascade 220 Fingering weight in colour 7818 aka Blue Velvet.  From Webs 5 bucks a hank -- so the 600 yards is under $15 in yarn cost for pure Peruvian wool.

Yes, I would have liked to have found merino in that weight and colour.  I would happily have paid quite a bit more but I couldn't find it and it is lovely enough that I might just make another and maybe tweak the pattern with some of the ideas I had going into this one.

bigger on the inside blocking  pins and tardisI actually had a merino in similar colour but the texture was off for a smallish lace piece.   I wounded the hanks, swatched and started knitting in September and bound it off over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Initially, I wanted to change out the lace body with a different lace pattern.  I had Sun Spots from BW 3rd in mind but I didn't get very far on that effort.

As part of a possible construction reengineering effort, I actually recharted and test knit the Tardis section as a bottom up element. I was very happy with it but short rowing the lace pattern was much harder for me to wrap my brain around so rather than further delay the project I went with the original lace and the original construction.

close up center back of shawl.I really wasn't crazy about picking up stitches and, it didn't go as smoothly as I'd have liked but it got done and I'm way more critical of the result than anyone else so I'm good.

Although it went to work with me daily, it was only really worked on @ work during a mandatory corporate bus trip to LA.

It blocked a bit bigger than the original pattern which is good because I really had my doubts about the shape.

It was finally  handed off to the US Postal Service on Boxing Day bound for points East.


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