27 June 2006

It's hard to believe it's not mohair

Last week I finally cast on for the sweater body to match up with the pentagon sleeves. I'm doing what I can only refer to as optimistic knitting which is to say that I'm not knitting for the size I am today but the size I plan to be as the weight loss plan progresses.

On Sunday I had this nagging feeling that my compromise stitch count was a bit small even for a smaller
walkaboutknitter and when the tape measure confirmed that, I cast on for the elann Linus popoki shawl.

I've just joined the 2nd skein and I'm at seven repeats of the cats paw motif. It looks for all the world as if I am working not with linen but with mohair.

This is not a feels good to knit with yarn but I know that over time it will soften so I'm moving forward. I am not however giving into the temptation to buy more until I see just how much it does soften up.

Today I played medical courier because Scripps Memorial La Jolla and Scripps Mercy Memorial don't share resources. So I left work early and bopped over to La Jolla. In a major luck out, there actually was a parking space right by the building and I was in and out in less than 15 minutes so I didn't even have to pay for parking -- yeah.

In a kick myself moment, I realise that I could have swung by UTC and had my battery checked out at the Sears there but instead I rambled on to downtown La Jolla and popped in at Knitting In La Jolla where I classically enabled and other knitter, enjoyed visiting with Suzanne and gave into a couple bits of temptation.

So what caught my eye and demanded to be brought home? Buttons and yarn. The buttons are made by a local knitter who I've not (I don't believe) met but she's yet another of our San Diego been published knitters and her husband has started making and selling buttons through Knitting in La Jolla.

Mostly he works in wood but these are actually corian -- as in counter tops and I loved the teal green colour and just had to scoop these up.
The photo doesn't really do the colour justice so they'll have to find a project where they can really shine.

The really big ones he makes are great for felted bags and such they are really fun and not outrageously priced as far as buttons go. So look for buttons by Bob DeCuir.

Then there's the yarn. I do not like knitting with angora. It gets literally right up your nose but angora blended with cotton was just too interesting to not warrant a second look. The cotton has tamed the angora and the angora has softened up the already lovely Peruvian cotton so enough for two shells found their way into my cart.

It's called Arcadia and it is 80% Pima cotton and 20% angora with 154 yard in a 50 gr ball it was hard to resist so I didn't.

Here's where the pentagon sleeve's sweater body had progressed to before I realised it was just going to be a few inches too small for even a back to preferred weight walkaboutknitter. I really like the oblique ribbing but I'm dreading the frogging.


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