14 April 2006

Realistic daffs, rain and rejection -- good Friday indeed

Rejection sucks but realistic daffodils lessen the blow.

Today the IK submission came back with the polite but perfunctory thank you but no thank you letter. Simple but solid design with enough variations to make for a good staff project but it got a bye.

Suck it down, move on and put the finishing touches on the Knitty design for upload tomorrow. I just wish the shots of the lilies on the monument at Pioneer Park had better lighting, that the shots in the botanical building didn't have quite so much glare or that I had enough Photoshop skills to correct both problems.

Onto realistic daffs -- Plymouth Wildflower DK Green and DMC Senso Sunflower Yellow and bit of icord into polygon action combined to create the darling daff at left lounging in front of its organic captive cousins in the blue vase.

Surviving litter-mate girl cat Kali ko opo is trying oh so hard to help me write this entry and she's making writing this oh so harder than it needs to be.


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