04 April 2006

April Showers San Diego style

In most of the Northern Hemisphere rain in April is part of the whole "April showers bring May flowers" thing -- you know? Something to be expected? But I live in San Diego California where weather denial is the name of the game.

Let's see, storms have very recently leveled parts of the mid-West but somehow a rain that dropped less than a half inch of water in the greater downtown portion of town is a hard rain -- yeah, right. I've lived here for the better part of 23 years but I'm still not a weather wimp and I know that the wussy showers we've had here are going to play out a lot worse as they move East. So, apologies in advance those of you who will be feeling real weather soon.

But as wussy as the media and the locals can be I'm still trying to figure out how it is that the paltry amount of rainfall that fell during Tuesday's somewhat soggy trek to the local shops resulted in a two inch deep puddle of water covering an entire lane of Normal Street.

This lovely little puddle's formation is more mysterious/annoying since this part of town has been through no less than three recent street improvements in the last decade that apparently managed to miss that little infrastructure thing and with yet another improvement project on the books for Normal Street itself, I have no reason to believe that the next project is going to improve the underlying problem.

Wednesday morning I faced the morning commute and observed that, although it has been the law since July 2005, at least half of the cars on the road did not have their headlamps on in the rain. And in no huge surprise they tended to be the light coloured difficult to see vehicles who also seemed to still be harbouring under the illusion that driving in packs/blocs of cars is a good idea. Typical and also typical that there was almost no rain South of the 8 on the 163 and lots of rain on the mesas.

Tomorrow's post will not be about San Diego and rain but flowers, blogging and things of actual interest.


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