23 April 2006

Earth Day, Saint George's Day & Orthodox Easter

For me, last weekend was mostly dedicated to taxes, design submissions, recalcitrant computers and laundry -- what fun.

Yesterday was Earth day and today is both Saint George's day and Orthodox Easter. Only one more British Isles saints' days remaining this year. My yesterday was all about getting packages into the mail and doing the odd mitvah.

My walkabout knitting has been a little project called five blossoms -- so named because ultimately there will be five blossoms coming off of an icord stem.

The first pass was okay, but starting with the blossoms and working up to the icord presented construction issues that my acknowledged lousy Kitchenering was not loving.

So I rewrote the pattern to start from icord and work down to the blossom. In the final phase I think the first blossom will be knit from bloom to stem and the others from stem to bloom.

In addition to three of the original abandoned for this project because of the construction issues, I've three of the redesigned five blossoms well on their way to complete.

In working through this and my more realistic daff rewrite, I'm thinking that these can be the basis of a couple of other flowers such as lilies of the valley, poppies, bluebells and perhaps fuchsia.

Once the icord is complete, the blossoms are fundamentally based on an incorrect read of how to knit a "lies flat" swirl triangle.

When there are enough stitches on each needle to divide evenly by 4, the shape is elongated with a bit plain knitting before continuing the knitting as to form a swirl square. When the number of stitches is evenly divisible by both 3 and 4, short rows form the petals. Then the centre decreases revert to the triangle formula. And the flower is folded back into itself to produce a closed loop.

In the images here, I do have a bit of floral wire running through the icord to show the final desired result but when I'm actually knitting it is a bit like hauling around a medusa. FWIW, the yarn is DMC Baroque Crochet Cotton and the needles are 2mm.


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