29 April 2006

Five blossoms and preliminary poppies

I finished the five blossom project earlier in the week and the whole blossoms hanging from a stem is sort of mixed result. The distance between each blossom along the central icord stem was fine as shown in the picture below left.

I blew it on the length of the last two offshoot stems -- knitting them just a bit too long as shown in the
picture to the right.

The overall idea has a few problems too -- my original idea of only putting wire through the main stem and forming a graceful arch that the offshoot stems and blossoms dangle freely from seems to make the whole thing far too front loaded to not topple over.

If the angle/arch of the central stem is more upright the offshoot stems would seem to need some sort of support to not just droop back on themselves in a chaotic cluster.

That said, the chaotic cluster when turned around (blossoms coming down from rather than up from a stem) is rather charming. I could see it as a really fun beginning and end of icord for a hoodie or some other drawstring application.

If I can resolve some of the design issues and find a good green for lilies of the valley (which btw, have between 5 and 15 blossoms on a stem) I'll probably worry this notion a bit more in future. I think killer bluebells could also be formed using the same idea with a bit or refinement. So I'll keep playing.

For some reason or another working this project reminded me of poppies. I suspect that it was the red colour more than anything else.

The original idea of ruffling these out a bit bit the dust when I took the time to look at how the petals of poppies are actually oriented to each other.

So, I launched off into one of my "I wonder if this will work" exercises. The answer to the musical question posed ended up being "not as I expected" which is to say the end result wasn't what I was after but I saw a number of promising possibilities from what did happen.

These images show the flat petals formed from a number different angles.


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