30 June 2006

Kitty, kitty, pickups and more

In a mere two days of knitting the linen mohair look alike popoki shawl has grown from 6 pattern motifs to 10 and it is narrowing in on the recommended 11.

Its rayon ribbon counter part, knitting up at a rather different gauge went out to 16 motifs before I did the icord bind off along the hypotenuse and picked up stitches for the trapezoids.
Speaking of picking up stitches, this photo shows why the rayon ribbon version has been on timeout for almost 2 years -- the pick up line just looks horrible to me. I think I can still live with the known mistakes I made in the body of the rayon ribbon shawl but the pick up line is just not something that I can ignore and live with.

In the linen, with the hypotenuse measuring 36 inches without the trapezoids or any blocking, I really don't think that going all the way out to 15 or 16 repeats is going to work for me unless I grow a couple, 10 inches taller.

Joan's original design had 5 cats in each trapezoid and they were all facing in the same direction. In my redesign, there were 6 cats in each trapezoid with each group of 2 cats facing each other (which is to say I reversed the cat motif). For the linen I'm considering staying with the original 5 cat per trapezoid but either have the cats seem to be moving from or toward the centre back or have groups of 2 facing each other with one odd cat out on each of the two trapezoids.

I found most of my design notes for the shawl (two years old next month) except for the details of how I reversed/combined the wave edging and shark's tooth stitch pattern that I used instead of Joan's picot hem and edging. The photo shows the swatch as worked in silver rayon ribbon with the same gauge as my original black.

It seems to me that it involved some increasing, short rows and a single cat paw motif at the very bottom of the centre back .

And just to throw a spanner and add a bit of cheek to the exercise I'm thinking about doing 13 pattern motifs in the body taking it out to 190 stitches.

I'll have to either make a decision soon, start swatching the edging solution or shift gears to an entirely different project for holiday long weekend knitting.

In a San Diego news knitters can use, it seems that the WhistleStop now has AC for all our knitting a drinking pleasure of a Summer Sunday.


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