16 December 2007

Building a better bias and supple fidgeting

Girl kitty and I have survived the bladder infection and the every 12 hours fight over antibiotics.

The med regiment had disruptions during one day's anorexic episode and another day's marathon vomiting. Still, I got enough meds down her gullet to get her over the immediate crisis and see how we're doing with the long range treatment of the disease of her demise. Clearly she is not a candidate for at home sub-Q fluids or other relies on compliance treatments.

I've been playing at different building a better bias mitten plans and have settled on a bit of a Franken-mitt. The basic idea is mitre/bias knit both sides up to a certain point and then shift gears to knit the palm side straight.

In photo you're not seeing, I've thrown in some really random cables just for fun. It's Franken-knit prototype/proof of concept so I'm not really tracking design elements at this point but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

The current version still gives both sides a chevron at the cuff and eliminates the complication of the bias knit for the thumb placement and the centre column distortion.

Other less successful swatches have been frogged back to hide the evidence and the current palm up photo is knit from the same Cleckheaton beige as the kiss/gnome hat and one the for the cousins' DNA scarves.

I'm doing a full on thumb gusset and since this mitt will have a right and wrong side, reverse shaping will have to happen. It will be less EZ on the knitter and more EZ to wear.

I've also given into the Fidgeting craze with, of course, a twist. The Suri Merino Paint mittens are lovely but they look a little off for my target wearer. I was already looking into the bags of Green/Grey from the stash for mitten icord trim or other co-ordinating choices when some Di.ve Autunno in a green caught my eye.

The Supple Rib stitch pattern I've been worrying with the came from Chardon alpaca/silk wasn't really giving me joy on the reversibility scale. As written, it isn't a true rib since the wrong side is a purl back. So a subtle supple fidget variant was born -- knit the knits, purl the purls and a 2x1 rib different on both sides highly reversible scarflette was born. Bad news? It needs buttons, more bad news right side and wrong side are both gorgeous so button placement is going to mean I have to choose sides.


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