20 December 2008

Walking without knitting, art for art's sake

No FedEx hang tag and no wide screen on the patio were waiting for me on Friday's homecoming so I'm guessing that the laptop and monitor will be coming back out on Monday -- hopefully on the same truck.

I'm hoping that the timing works out since my work out of his home go to neighbour (aka Sweet James) is home in Texas for the holidays and I have mid-afternoon overdue dental appointment so it might all work but it also might all go so very South.

Since I've been rarely in the world other than to day job and back of late, there's been but little walkabout knitting or not.

Today I decided to take a break from the continuing clear the computer room's clutter in prep for the last of the hardware equipment's arrival to actually take a walk and visit some of my peeps.

Actually, I got an early start on the day and had made a big of progress on clearing the desk and correspondence when I headed out. The incoming mail reminded me that I have a few more, surely late, holiday cards to get written and into the mail come Monday.

John and company over at St Paul's Thrift shop were sweet not to give me grief over my on again off agains. I was too late for the ritual fix the crossword puzzle exercise but I did get a good dose of Tyler's -- just the cutest little bundle of Benji-esque goodness -- unconditional puppy love. Tyler is the only big sloppy kiss guy in my life right now and I'm good with that.

In the last few months they've had some great art donations and a few weeks back when I bought a few of the more affordable pieces, my standard issue canvas carry in case of shopping bags wouldn't accommodate the larger piece which, to be honest, is a bit more graphic art than art IMO but

I hated having to use their resources but getting it home safely without was dicey, so I promised to bring the heavy duty bag and bubble wrap back to the shop for reuse.

I've not been back since and I swear, as I was leaving home today I stared at the bags and bubble wrap but decided that I couldn't make one trip with it and the outbound trash.

Seeing the state of bags and packing materials when they're having a deep discount sale in the run up to Xmas gave me a big twinge guilt moment. So as I was leaving with my schwag (nice black linen big shirt, wacky earrings, a couple carved birds and an oddment of knitting/crochet bits and bobs) I promised to dig around and try, FedEx willing, to drop at least that bag and some others into the shop on Monday.

Although some of the art got away, I swear, if I wasn't doing the student thing, I swear I'd dig in and blow bucks for one of the Chinese brush work pieces they have hanging at the moment.

I'm taking Wednesday as a vacation day so I should probably give the shop a wide berth although, if the art is eligible for the 75% discount rather than the 50%, that one piece is almost affordable and it would work back to a lot of my Asian pieces. Then again. a lot of my Asian and other pieces are currently not on walls and some aren't even framed or need reframing.

In my defense on that front, I've cleared a bunch of wall and floor space in the computer room and some of my recent purchases have inspired new groupings to further freshen and inspire, so more art in waiting will be hitting the walls soon and some old faves will be getting new digs and new neighbours.

Note to self need to buy books, need to buy software for lap top, need to buy new cables, do not need to buy art. Yeah, like my id will listen and actually, art is a good investment because even if it doesn't increase in monetary value it does other very good things.

On the walk home I did some poking around in the little stops and starts of 8th Avenue in a find Dawn's childhood home tour.

Pictures soon and a bit of a puzzlement on that front. There are three blocks of 8th that end in a canyon -- 3600 block starts at Pennsylvania and runs South toward Balboa Park and the Marston House on 7th. The 3700 block starts at Robinson and runs South ending in the canyon just North of Pennsylvania. The 4000 block is a jogging continuation of the 3700 block but it runs North and ends North of Washington Street.

It wasn't the longest walk and my bitching shins made it clear that it was just long enough to trigger my perpetual faux shin splits pain and not long enough to walk it off.


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