16 December 2008

Duck feet not soup for duck weather

In a who knew that may be more of a why did you have to remind me moment, apparently, on this date in 1976, the song Disco Duck hit #1 on U.S. music charts.

Five years earlier saw the release of Don McLean's 8+ minute song American Pie. It hit #1 in January of 1972 and overplay mode very shortly thereafter.

Anyhow, back to the ducks. Today's first photo shows the basic duck foot square, an in process duck foot with the contrast yarn to show up the sewing cheat, and the finished shape of the sewn foot. The second photo is a less that ideal close up of the sewing cheat/trick.

These get lightly stuffed -- light because there's already plenty of fabric folded up in there -- and sewn with the wide side forward and seam down to either side of the bottom of the duck body.

I'm still worrying the size of needles I have to go down to to get a duck bill/beak that doesn't look like Steve Tyler.

Rain has finally come to San Diego. Last night I opted to take the almost no freeway route home. It took almost an hour which is probably about the same as the freeways would have taken but with no spin outs and such.


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