27 November 2008

Thanks for all the giving -- NOT

I'm home in the 'hood and my 'hood has been designated as one of the great places in America. See? Fifty percent gay and fifty percent every bloody thing else makes for a great, if increasingly, expensive place to live.

In a total gear shift, I'm not a big Puritans, Pilgrims and oddly timed harvest festival fan or, to put it another way, I usually just say no thanks to Thanksgiving.

This year the holiday was the ramp up to office/public space transformation and/or climbing back from chaos.

In another phase I may even have a bedroom and stash room that don't look like clothing and yarn volcanoes have recently had violent eruptions but that's for another day.

I started this whole holiday hunker down with my first Craigslist adventure -- founder as it turns out another Case alum -- and projectile vomiting. Ah yes, good times.

After Sharp Mary Birch volunteer duty on Sunday I made an IKEA run to scope the as is section and inventory for some of my might work back to the office effort.catalogue wish book looking.

Saw some prospects but it was ready to commit, and I since I was wearing the lovely and highly unslimming volunteer whites and driving the truck and not the van, lifting and shifting wasn't really something I wanted to try.

And seriously, in a who knew moment, I'd just received the newly launched CWRU magazine (now called think or some sych) and it had an interview with CWRU alum and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark so I finally bit.

Crazy, crazy, some of the very same furniture I'd been looking at it the catalogue and hoping to find in the as is aisle were the subject of recent postings. So I phoned on one and in what could have been a bad news story as all online exchanges can be it all turned out right.

So I bought a desk and a bunch of other office furnishings from a very nice man who is closing his business and working his way through the liquidation process.

Projectile vomiting (on an all but empty stomach btw) notwithstanding, I'm now hunkered down and executing a plan to reorg the office, living and dining room of heather's hell hole in preparation for a 1 December furniture pickup and install session. I keep telling (lying to) myself that that's enough time to really get it all done.

I have firm orders for myself to just put things (like yarn, knitting needles, etc.) in the room they belong in and resist the impulse to organise those materials and areas. That's a second or third phase effort and right now the priority is on the public/business parts of my place.

Toughest part? I've also given myself firm orders not to take knitting breaks but to stay on target.


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