18 November 2008

Blues -- the Angels are not registering or sometimes it just all unwinds

Sunday was a Whistlestop Sunday and while I was LAU (late as usual), the walk was good and Jen did get to see how the fishy panels were progressing.

Yesterday was the first day I could register for classes and there was an oops or we're no angels moment. My which professor to take research was less about the email group on Yahoo and more about reviewing their CVs and required texts.

I read the checklist and noted that asking for and getting an Angel account was supposed to auto-magically register me for the new mandatory one unit class.

My plan was to try to get the Angel account and the registering for other classes to happen as close together as possible so I would trigger one bill for fees so I could make arrangements for a single spread the payment plan.

Plan not in my control. Plan not working. Not sure when the account will be opened but when it is, the payment for it will be due three weeks later and that date is clearly not going to synch up with yesterday's registration activities -- ack.

The advantage of being in special session (and paying for it thank you) is that, while that extra unit makes me a "full time" student, unlike the regular session students its addition doesn't raise the water for all fees it just slaps an extra $439 onto to the bill for that class. Not having control of when that extra $439 hits the budget is the ho ho ho happy holidays (no extra charge for the sarcasm) surprise.


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