09 November 2008

Fish gotta swim

So is this a knitting blog or what?

Lately more "or what" but there has been knitting.

Most of the knitting has been knitting and re-knitting, thinking and rethinking with plenty of serious frog action in the mix.

Seriously, the not really working blues have been an ongoing theme and then there's the back ordered Dreambaby duck yarn.

On the not working front, here's a look at the really nice but not going to block out well interlocking (tessellating) fish. It would work in something more block friendly and might even work at a much looser gauge in a not block friendly fabric but this is not the fabric/project. This is the Jen/Tony and spawn keep it simple, easy and funky/fun project.

Then there's the strips that showed promise until the grafting told the sad tale of so not happening.

Since the start of the month, the new theory is non-tessellating fish in four panels on a blue background. How the panels will be connected is still a big old TBD.

On Friday I got an email telling me that the Dreambaby had arrived -- so a road trip to Needlecraft Cottage and a stop in to KinLJ to pick up the last of the blue Comfort to keep my fish in water were on the agenda.

With yarn reinforcements from Turkey, diligent duck knitting began again. In theory the only bits of duck to be done were wings, head, beak and base. Head went pretty well, wings I mixed the two batches of yarn to knit a head, a pair of wings and then I moved onto the base piece.

I've tried to wrap my brain around how the base piece could possibly attach to the front and back bit of the body a few times now but the instructions were not explicit and the orientation was not -- at least to me -- intuitive. I checked for errata, checked Ravelry, and I seem to be in the dense minority.

Fortunately, this is a week filled with knitting contacts so I can get a sanity check or two.


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