01 October 2008

Schools and schools

Onward to the grad department -- hurdle number two the MLIS express is back on track.

The nagging worry that perhaps I should start a just in case application for the Fall term and not rely on my being accepted this late in the Spring semester pool of applicants is still kicking 'round the back of my brain but I'm going to give it another week or so before I go down that path.

Meanwhile, I've other fish to knit. Lots of graph paper, lots of swatches and I'm still not quite ready to commit to a design for Jen's baby blanket.

I love this fish scale pattern stitch from Barbara Walker's 3rd Treasury but it biases like mad at least when when worked in the context of increases and decreases.

The bulk of the blanket will be knit in Berrocco's Comfort. That yarn tends to split which is annoying.

It also will not really lend itself to blocking so that's making the design a bit more of a challenge.

I'm not just going with one stitch pattern or one colour, I plan to mix in fishes of yellow, green, blue, blue print and orange along with the royal/cobalt blue background.

Some of the options also include mixing up different sizes of fish or working them in strips -- everything's on the table and alot of it is also on the design board.


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