24 July 2008

Solo Grinding at Pick Up Game

In a fits and starts and fits and starts day job week, by all rights I should have had a nice work at home day today -- pish.

The work week has not been working that way and I'm trying not to let it grind me down.

Yesterday's only need to drive North was a staff meeting that got canceled only after I'd already committed 26 miles worth of gas and miserable commute time into the mix.

Knitting front, the piece is still hovering in that just a few more inches, just a few more inches maybe too many inches mode. I'm rather ambivalent about the slow progress because as soon as it hits the long enough point it also reaches the not for walkabout phase.

That's going to be a challenge on a couple of fronts, the first is that I hate things that keep me stationary and the second is the popoki's proprietary view of my lap. Thinking about that more, the popoki's lap thing is something that keeps me stationary too and hence the ongoing tension 'tween us.

Goal done date on the knitting is less than two weeks away and then I can be so over it.

I'm already scoping out what's next.

Since there's a current baby boom going on around me, I'm bouncing around a couple of design ideas. The first one is revisiting a design I did before I knew Russian grafting and before I knew not to have a non-lace knitter test a lace design for me. The second involves re-purposing some bright yellow Look At Me.

The soccer ball project is still a porcupine like mass of double points that probably has plenty of stitches that have jumped needle and then there's the cold weather knitting. . . which is so not going to happen in July.

I managed to get down from the wilds of Rancho Bernardo in time to take the knitting and self up to Urban Grind for this month's pick up game of knitting. It was a solo act this time but that's not a big deal. It still accomplishes the goals of getting knitting in the public eye and I did meet a knitting neighbour.

Today's image, a mural from Little Italy just because.


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