17 July 2008

Just plain twisted

Like a lot of people, it was email to the Knitlist that brought the highly unexpected and unwelcome news that Ruth Schooley had died on Tuesday.

The simple truth is that this news just plain sucks.

It's probably been three years since I last saw Ruth IRL and I'm finding it difficult to accept that I'll not be seeing her again.

Ruth had been very encouraging (and occasionally nagging) about my going back to get my master's. At one point she even sent me (postage due as it turned out) a slew of literature about the San Hose State programme.

Budget concerns at the start of the year derailed my plans to start the degree in January but I've really no excuse for this prolonged procrastination. So while other people focus on the knitting and spinning side of Ruth's life, I'm going with the knitting and library of her life.


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