02 July 2008

Entrelac 103 -- the right leaning rectangles

This is the halfway mark on our essential guide to entrelac. In this installment we introduce one of the two most repeated modules -- the right leaning rectangle.

This module and the highly intuitively named left leaning rectangle are the most repeated modules in the entrelac technique.

You've now finished your left side triangle which, btw, is really just 1/2 a rectangle or ask me about how entrelac flat and in the round differ.

You ended up with a bunch of live stitches to the left and no live stitches to the right -- hmm, what's up with that?

Well, in discovering entrelac, you've already tackled short rows, increases and decrease that constrain fabric and putting things those techniques together. In this module, you're adding picking up stitches to the mix. Entrelac is a serious skill builder eh?

In my entrelac world, I slip stitches to give me a nice selvedge to either pick up through or just literally pick up to form the next module.

I'm not even consistent about which I do nor do I make sure the yarn's in font when slipping so I have the whole domino knitting perfect pick up stitch. For me, it doesn't matter. I'm not that fussy.

Well, I'm not that fussy about my entrelac.

In working the right leaning rectangles, you're going to pick up and purl the number of stitches that correspond to your chosen stitch count for the module. In my example I'm doing 10 stitches.

The short/long rowing continues, the increases exit and the decreases continue to constrain the fabric (this time to the left) and you're consuming the stitches you're just picked up and worked when you do your decreases.

Here's what it looks like when you've done a row/round/course and are ready for phase which is second most used module in entrelac.

This and its sibling, the left slanting rectangle, are the most worked modules in entrelac. Do one and you're set up and ready for the next and the next and the next and the next. Can you tell that there will be picked stitches in our next segment?

See? It just looks like magic.


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