16 June 2008

A flock of flamingos and some entrelac for Bloomsday

There were no fewer than three, count 'em three knitting get togethers this past weekend. My intention was to attend at least one. I managed none.

Since every day is a knit in public day for me, I'm not that wigged about not making it to the knit together in the park on Saturday.

But missing Whistlestop is always a sign of either a seriously foul mood or a day gone completely sideways. Mostly it was a sideways weekend but I've also been worrying a decision and if you're part of my circle you know how much I've been worrying it -- I know, I know, it's too much drama.

On a brighter note, I finally just stopped dithering about estimating yardage for one of the projects in progress and sent my yarn request in. I don't know why I've been so intent on getting the yardage estimate dead on for this project but it has become damned near obsessive and I finally had to face the fact that the only way to know for sure was to actually knit the project twice and that's so not going to happen.

People have been nagging me to self-publish some of my patterns for years now. Recently my excuses for not doing it are starting to disappear.

If I just offer PDF downloads, under California law, the transaction is not subject to sales and use tax so I don't have to have a resale license, collect taxes and keep those records.

That's a promising turn of events and even my "I don't have time" excuse is melting away as Ravelry's distribution plan would handle delivery and give me free code to hook into the web site and/or blog.

This is all a good thing since I have a lot of proven and tested designs that, unfortunately, since they have appeared on my web page and/or blog, are not considered publishable by most mags. Never mind that I had the designs and the web page up before many of those mags had reached the exalted successes they have become.

Since all the recent knitting is still on stuff that I can't write about and/or put up on the web, here's a snap of some of my forays into entrelac. If Blogger believed that PDFs were valid images, I'd also put up my basic guide to entrelac. As things stand, I'll just have to save it off as a JPG and put it and a tutorial on the list of things to blog about.


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