28 February 2008

Soft sculpture and comfy chairs

With the wedding cake sorted, the comfy chair got its last bit of styling and soft sculpture.

The first photo is a close up of the throw that was thrown aside as too big.

Even though I really like it, I don't see why it shouldn't go back to the lovely Liz for her to use as either a sales sample swatch or as some little treat on one of her projects.

The smaller version is equally lovely but less photogenic.

In a few of the photos here you can see how well the Jingleberries colourway works back to both the chair colour and the colour of the throw pillow/strawberry.

Because I had put so much effort into the rectangle technique, I was really torn about whether I should or shouldn't attach the cushions to the chair.

By attaching them, I'd mask the construction and the construction matters to me. I took a lot of time working out how to create this thing so that it really is both a chair and a functional pin cushion.

I hope that the effort is understood and appreciated regardless of how it stands up to other entries.

Ultimately, I decided to only physically attach the throw pillow/pin cushion.

In making that choice, I may have left a few tell tale signs of the soft sculpture that went into forcing the arms into sizing submission but that couldn't really be helped.

I know that that also means more possibility of bits being lost in the judging, display and shipping process, but the trade off of having the construction techniques be transparent/apparent is, on balance, worth the risk to me.

What the heck? It's just knitting and I know how to make another one or six.
I decided that the bottom cushion which was originally a square was not going to work out as the combination of the cushion and generous roll of the arms was always threatening to expand and exceed the four inch limit.

So I knit a second one using the centre out rectangle method I developed and used in the top of the bottom/base of the chair. I did a closed loop just to worry/explore the technique.

Centre out it works great but perimeter in has some challenges if trying to exactly reverse the increases with the decreases.

I opted to take it down to the same number of stitches I would have worked a centre out square with rather than delay shipping any longer by working through other options.


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