11 February 2008

Meltdown computer style

Saturday's plan was to get a third social knitting event into one week. Other plans for the day included catching up on emails and drafting a "save the date" email to local San Diego TNNA members about the upcoming Stitch N Pitch event.

I was in the middle of editing my alias file for the latter when the system just seized up in the middle of a directory listing and did not respond well to a hard reset. Since I hadn't needed a rescue disk in nearly 9 years of operations, it was a near miracle that I could find the first rescue disk but the second was not to be found and without it, recovery was not looking good.

I'm oddly invested in code compiling, computers operating and cars running -- any of these don't happen and I get a bit anal. Okay, a lot anal.

With the Linux box doing a great impersonation of a boat anchor, I got the idea that I'd reconfigure the Windows machine to at least have some internet access. That effort was not hugely successful and a good reminder of why I hate WIndows. After finally successfully navigating all the GUIs and entering the new IP, gateway and subnet mask to take it off the private network and onto the big wide network, I had no joy. It thought it was talking to the modem and the modem was talking to my ISP but Windows box and modem were not speaking.

So I bought an Ott lamp. Yup, with the prospect of high ticket data recovery fees in my near future and a complete lack of internet access, I went to JoAnn's and bought an Ott light.

The apartment a vampire would love was more than I could bear after a full day of no daylight as I tried to bring my system back up. Couldn't fix the computer problem, could rewind the day and get out and about but I could give myself a bit of light and make working on the comfy chair pin cushion a bit easier.

On Sunday after a short walk with Liz, I borrowed a cup of internet so I could schedule a bill payment and sort a few email accounts out.

After some consults at work with some of my more Windows oriented tech buds, I tried the reset the cable modem and the Windows machine and hope for a handshake. Amazingly it worked but getting the Linux box with my mail server and a host of other hard to face losing files remains a priority.


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