18 January 2008

Pish and pins

The pish part is multi-phased.

First bit is that work got in the way of a night out of catching up with bud Rick. So no sashimi for me.

They were doing a long edit day on his training materials and he had to book it back to Michigan early the next day. Hoping that all's well on that front.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that I would have could have should have pushed the lunch and debrief with Liz into Tuesday.

Second oops/pish is on the pin cushion front. I finished my first round (and I do mean round) effort in Senso cotton. I filled it with lizard litter and there are issues.

First, trying to get it nicely over stuffed was an even bigger PITA than when I finished off the 07/07/07 ring bearer heptagon pillow.

Second, mostly the lizard litter doesn't leak but if I constrain the fabric to make the fill tighter there is some seepage on the sides with increase and decreases,

Potentially t his is an argument in favour of not working the piece as a closed loop bit of knitting. Seaming can occasionally be your friend but it's hard for me to shift those gears.

I'm thinking that a trip to the hardware store might be in order. Some sort of mesh, like shade cloth might be a good barrier against seepage and not have run/ladder issues.

Another choice might be polar fleece to the rescue -- cut in the shape and held in place with a bit of spray adhesive, it has potential. I just happen to have a bit left over from a hide those ends by backing the afghan cheat.

Third, is a pish on me moment.

There was a CWRU alum thing last night that was all about engineering and so speaking to my inner geek. It was a reschedule from the fires and I was excited to not have a schedule conflict this go 'round, I even went out of my way to shift my schedule round and work much later than usual to fit it in.

But I ended up getting lost, turned about and generally frazzled out in the burbs. By the time I made it to the entrance to the gated community I was already more than 30 minutes late.

When I finally made the drive from gate to host house it was later still and with no sensible parking solution in the highly exclusive enclave I turned about and drove home.

Ending on an eye candy note, here's some Lonesome Stone sock yarn posing with a bit of Plymouth DK Wildflower that might be teamed up for pin cushion round 2. The Lonesome Stone is in the Plymouth is iffy.


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