26 December 2007

Hurray for Boxing Day

sheep grazing on ArroyoDuring yesterday's ramble about, I caught a shot of this lamb statue "grazing" in front of a house on Arroyo and found it just odd enough to take the shot.

Traditionally on boxing day I'd be off enjoying either a wee dram or a pint down the pub today and that was a possibility but although I took the day off I opted not to pub it. Yes, there are issues, yes. there's a back story, no I'm not sharing.

I haven't done much knitting on the Franken mitt between Sunday and now -- too much need to pay attention to be good social knitting.

Most of the in process on the road knitting has been related to swatching with some pre-Xmas yarn purchases and the knitted rhombic hexecontahedron I'm trying to have finished by the 7th.

On the swatching front, mostly that's been about additional looks at Supple Rib (as written and as I adapted it) and also at blending Universal Yarn's Classic Worsted LLP with Wool Ease in Half Linen Stitch. Half Linen and Supple Rib (especially as I altered it) are both very respectable looks good on both right and wrong side stitch patterns.

No photos of the mad maths knitting yet but I've worked it out to be formed by 12 geometric pentagons with short rowed points. The only major issue is what combination of colours and how they connect. I'm using the Rite Aid dollar day Chinese Ack-rylic I picked up this Summer.

Other knitting stuff brings me 'round to the cousin thing. I'm the youngest of 11 first cousins in my paternal clan. The eldest is nearly a full generation (25 years) older than I am. She and I were born in December two weeks and 24 years apart and we live nearest each other but haven't seen each other in better than 25 years.

Although we are very similar in some ways, that generational difference is huge. She was something of a role model for me in that she wasn't buying into the must marry one of the buzz cut khaki and madras shirt interchangeable Ken dolls my other female cousins seemed to be Stepford wiving into.

But for all that independence she was no Bohemian and perhaps that's where the generational bit comes more into play. I wasn't terribly inclined to be a good girl but the range of what was good and what wasn't was a lot wider when I came of age.

Even if that wasn't the case, the 50's versus the 70's move to conservatism could be at work as my cousin seems to be much more concerned about my spiritual life and immortal soul than I appear to be.

Eldest cousin is rather high church Anglican with lots of investment in inspirational religious stuff which might well be another reason why, while we may live near, we don't see each other often. I can't even begin to imagine how she and late not even remotely Christian late spouse would have chalk and cheesed it. Fortunately, having grown up with elderly aunties who were fond of quoting scripture at me, I am skilled in the art of graciously saying thank you and shifting the conversation.

Cousin gifted me with a copy of her Guideposts mag, and I handed over the moebius mohair for her mother.

On Sunday, I picked her up at the Old Town station on Sunday shortly after noon. I knew that she'd be hungry so I had a couple of places in mind. I like to take people to places with a story or back story so Perry's, The Gathering, Phil's, and Georgia's were all on the list.

If you're a fan of truck stops and diners or just appreciate watching skilled short order cooks in action, you really should try Perry's at least once. You get a lot of food for very little money and step back in time as the dining rooms are pretty much vintage early 70's naugahyde. Don't go there with freshly washed hair if you don't want to be carting around eau d' greasy spoon for the rest of the day -- trust me.

Perry's parking lot was packed so we rolled up the hill to The Gathering for a slightly more upmarket breakfast/brunch menu hit the spot.

We did a bit of walk 'round Balboa Park before I risked a nose bleed by driving all the way Southeast to Spring Valley where she's spending the holiday with friends one of whom is visiting from France and another here from Kau'ai.


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