21 December 2007

Franken Mitts -- Round Two and a cousin thing

The first version of the Franken mitts is still sitting on needles/holders so I can use it as a gauge for what to do and what not to do with the second version.

One of the things that I thought worked well but not well enough in the first version was the cables against a mitred/bias fabric. What I didn't like was the look of the three over three cable.

For the second round I decided to stick a couple of purl bumps into the centre of the cables on the back.

I'm trying to be more disciplined in noting when I turn the cable and also relating the cable turn to the start of the gusset.

I also decided to put a cable on the bottom of the palm-side where it transitions from bias/mitre to straight knitting.

The first turn, being against, the bias looked good. By the second turn, the straight knitting made the cable look more like a mess than a cable so I dropped the stitches on either side of the centre six and gave the cable above the first twist a purl stitch flanking border.

I'm going to give this a slightly shorter cuff length than the original too.

Once I get through today's fun filled work day, I'm not back into the office until the 27th so my large hand models will be out of luck on the mitten front unless I back burner this project in favour of the Borjana and Miss Jean mittens in waiting.

I got a call from my cousin about the possibility of seeing each other again after about 20 something years as she's coming down to do some holiday time with friends in San Diego.

It occurred to me that, while she can't really use a mohair moebius any more than I can, her mother back in Ohio could certainly be warmed by the beautiful orphan last seen in the 3 December 2006 blog entry.

The yarn is the same stuff I used for Cousin Vera's shawl one of the many seen at this FO portion of my web page. It's a cousin thing and I think it works as good close loop knitting.


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