18 December 2007

Ending the group knitting right & thumbs

With one thing and another, it was down to Whistlestop or bust for the get in at least one more group knitting gig for 2007.

Even though I had this insane combo of dehydration, congestion, runny nose, sneezing and chapped lips going on, I got myself in gear and got there. The Guinness was very therapeutic.

I made a long walk out of it by dropping off a copy of current copy CityBeat at Sandy's place (aka Cape Cod Clutter) so she could read the write up on the shop. So by the time I decided to walk down and then up Upas on the way to North park, I had already logged four miles or so.

The mitred mittens and the stack of berets went along for show and tell. The mittens got a good reception despite the palm distortion but everyone agreed that it was less than ideal and not up to what folks expect of the EZ tradition.

I was continuing to work on the supple fidget variant and fiddling with my Franken-mitt.

I didn't start the thumb gusset soon enough to make a mitten that fits my small hand well, so I enlisted the aid of a couple of large hand size models. In doing this, I learned a lot about hands and angles.

My thumb connects to my hand at about a 45 degree angle, My large hand models both have thumbs that attach at a much larger than 45 degree angle. This makes for a real difference in where the thumb gusset starts and how deep/wide the hand to thumb gap needs to be for comfort.

The good news is that since I used the waste yarn thumb trick with the gusset, if this was "for real" and not for proof of concept knitting, I could still do a snip, frog and "correct" such a thumb fit issue if the problem lies with the thumb opening needing a lower starting point to accommodate a larger degree angle thumb.

Round two of Franken mitt is coming up.


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