04 January 2008

Mileage, WIP progress and Baseball

My recorded mileage on Runagogo last year was 665 miles. I actually logged more miles but my record keeping sucked so it's onto to the next year. Tracking the miles last year really helped get me off my bum to, even on the most unmotivated day, log at least a mile.

I'm having a lot of unmotivated days lately so hopefully it will be Runagogo to the rescue. If, like me, you need a bit of motivation and sense of community to get your butt in gear and your feet on the ground, if you've not yet found Runagogo -- go here and start the year off right.

The mittens and other Winter knitting projects for friends in colder climes are still in the queue, they've just been bumped as I know that they will still be needed/wanted come February but the Joint Mathematics Meeting traveling road show will be gone not to return for another five years. So I'm still pondering my joins and playing mad maths modular games.

Modular front, pish I'm being annoyed as the modules keep slipping needles and I clearly do not have enough stitch holders to make my construction technique work without looking for under writing from the stitch holder folks.

On the games front, now that the Cleveland Browns have done their duty in dashing my hopes and blowing their play-off chances -- up side is that I can now officially not care about American football again and wish only good things for my friends with teams still in the running -- it's onto baseball or at least Stitch N Pitch planning phase.

Got a call, am I willing to be involved again? Yes. Am I willing to chair? Yes, well, maybe.

After a couple of "if you're in I'm in" emails and here we go again. Hopefully best of last year's committee and some new additions will keep the event going and growing.


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