07 January 2008

Rainy Sunday

I had every good intention of walking over to the Whistlestop this afternoon even though I knew that the weather was likely to suck and my most active projects were portability problematic.

So I started out LAU (Late As Usual) and just as I was reaching the top of the Cypress Street stairs, the rain decided to get a bit more serious making a sort of miserable day even more so.

With another two miles before I could kick back with knitting buds and Guinness, the wiser choice seemed to be maximising daylight mileage totals rather than being social.

did a detour and ended up doing more mental than actual knitting along the way. I walked down the Upas street sidewalk to Florida but rather than going up Upas to Park , I went left on Florida and up Zoo Drive/Morley Field Drive.

The grade is quite a bit less steep and the foliage is way different. I'm not sure what sort of evergreens flank the road but you could almost believe that your were in a much more Northern clime.

I followed Park round to President's way into the park and back out to 6th. When you turn onto President's Way and walk into the park, the assuming that you're on the North side of the street, here's a little take a look next time moment. The horses that patrol the pack are housed in a small canyon area below the World Beat Centre -- there's also a small hidden parking area that should be reasonably secure during daylight hours as some of the slots are reserved for the mounted police.


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