16 January 2008

Lizard litter -- who knew

My current quest is a local source for emery sand.

The quest is not going well but today I called Rosie's thinking that if anyone would have the stuff it would be them.

If you know of a source in San Diego county, give a shout out. I don't really want to do mail order for my time line.

No joy so my visions of including a "strawberry" in my pin cushion submissions is not looking good. I did, however, get a lead on an alternative to dry rice or sawdust as a pin cushion stuffing -- lizard litter.

Lizard litter? Turns out that it is crushed English walnuts and unlike dry rice, it doesn't draw pests.

It's actually finer than rice so it could pose a problem for a knitted pin cushion unless there's a death grip gauge involved. I'll give it a go and make the appropriate adjustments.

The woman ahead of me in the line at Petco bought two tiny dog sweaters. The sweaters weren't memorable but they were
on the most adorable hangers.

When the cashier offered her the hangers she declined. In a don't ask don't get moment, I asked if I could have them. I think they'd be great presentation pieces for miniature/samples.

Although I'm groaning about budget issues, I did make a recent Knitpicks purchase -- books and needles. Never too many of either.

I test drove their new wooden circ needles when grafting the recent mad maths knitting project.

So far, and this could just be because I wasn't doing that much knitting at a shot, I like the points and don't think they are as wickedly sharp as the metal circs.


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