13 January 2008

Sunday Surprise and Soccer

Although visions of pin cushions are swirling in my head, most of the weekend walkabout knitting was abortive efforts at the knitted soccer ball. I dug out some white and black Senso, short dps and started in on the 12 geometric pentagons and 20 geometric hexagon modules required.

I'm thinking grafting and returning to my very old complex construction notions of doing some of the shapes as centre out and others as perimeter in for closed loop construction.

Since I don't just happen to have a soccer ball kicking 'round and I have no plans to add one to clutter central, I've been surfing Google images and places like Wolfram for diagrams that I can use as construction guidelines.

Needing to do 32 individual shapes and not having a construction plan is sort of a recipe for disaster and since I'm in an under four inches square mind set (see pin cushions) that's a lot of little pieces to keep on holders. No surprise that a number of those shapes ended up jumping needle and annoying me.

The surprises for Sunday came in two flavours. The first was a back from TNNA message from the lovely Liz who was gracious enough to attend the SnP Committee Chair meeting for me on Friday indicating that Monday could work for a debrief and that RB wasn't a huge stretch for her.

The second was my friend Rick (also known as my Polish younger twin brother and drinking buddy) calling to say he'd slipped back in Cali when we weren't looking and when could we do sashimi, sakes and shooting the shit.

Suddenly I've gone from Cinderella in the cinders who can't go to the ball to juggle the social schedule. Not a bad thing but the odds of all the juggling working out is a slim to none proposition.


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