07 February 2008

Rats as in year of and still more cake

Happy Lunar New Year.

Super bowl at the Whistlestop was a good time, the end of the game at home even better, Mardis Gras a bit too gras but Knitnite was great so it's all good.

Also all good is the wedding cake pin cushion although the Super Bowl shopping trip for embellishments didn't go quite as planned.

Based on the lovely Liz's event planning experience I decided that the wedding cake layer proportions were a bit off so I knit a few more layers and used the horizontal chain technique on all three. Here's the pre-assembled sort of artsy-fartsy photo.

The second layer is filled with a mix of roving and polyfil. The roving was a way to introduce some of the lubricating nature of wool into the project. I have it on good authority that quilters like lamb's wool in their pin cushions to help with needle glide. Wool is certainly easier than bees wax to add to add to the project for that functionality.

The third layer of the cake, like the first has the the slip stitch front float and pull up thing going (very technical term that) that mocks icing or bunting sort of look that you might see on an actual cake. This layer has a bit of emery sand as part of it's fill as I sacrificed a manufactured emery sand filled "strawberry" to add that functionality to the piece.

In deciding to work each layer as a unit, without a bit of sewing and styling, the stacked layers look a bit more like a rock cairn than a cake. Hopefully, the embroidery and embellishment will make me less uber critical.


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