25 January 2008

Another pin cushion thought I had is doing a knitted love seat or an undersized oversized comfy chair ala Wallace & Grommit .

The how would I build/knit such an animal has been bubbling up and out in various forms. Sometimes it is paper and pencil and sometimes it is sticks and string.

It struck me that the comfy chair or loveseat might involve a knitted rectangle for the back of the chair and that a centre out one would provide more options for connecting to other shapes that would make up the chair.

I've never actually knit a centre out rectangle so I turned to my Ste. Joan shaping shawls class hand out and looked at the centre out method. The basic idea is to start with a provisional cast on and graft later.

I'm not keen on provisional and later grafting so I'm always looking for alternative solutions. I've been playing with the idea of casting on 2x the number of stitches needed to knit in one direction and dividing the stitches in a "North & South" orientation for a while.

I started down this path when picking up stitches for the trapezoid section of the rayon Polynesian Popoki shawl resulted in terribly distorted stitches. It works but with issues. I used it for the Baby Bobbi Bear instead of picking up stitches to work the top and bottom of the bear.

As I said, the centre out rectangle recipe's basic idea is to start with a provisional cast on and graft later. The details sort of eluded me. I read the text a couple times, cast on and knit what I thought I was reading a couple of times before just firing off an email to that higher power (Joan of Schrouder) asking for clarification.

Turns out my older copy of the handout had been updated and the newer text supplied in an email from Joan made the underlying principle much clearer and put me on track to do a modified version that would start from double knitting.


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