23 January 2008

Java Happy Birthday Java?

J D K 1.0 is 12 years old today.

The idea surrounding the more or less magenta Senso circle pin cushion was to create a sweet little slipper chair as an entry for the TNNA/Piecework pin cushion competition. The size of the circle put me more in mind of another idea I had of making a three tiered wedding cake pin cushion – knitted with a bit of silk ribbon embroidery for flourish.

Meet Brilla. Isn't it pretty? It's a lovely little yarn that I originally bought back in May 2007 with a mind toward a KAL or shadow/net knitting project that morphed into the 07-07-07 heptagon project. More on shadow/net knitting on another day. It has nada to do with illusion knitting but more about playing sanity check back up as another knitter spreads wings or tests a pattern,

Brilla is a shiny, fingering weight and a mix of mostly rayon (evil but beautiful) and cotton. It's white, it's lovely, it's vision of confectionery beauty which would make a lovely knitted wedding cake. It would make a lovely knitted wedding cake but IMO a not so great knitted wedding cake pin cushion as the snaggy nature of rayon would have it looking tattered and sad all too quickly.

I know that I'm going to have to purchase fillings and such for this project but I'm not keen on buying yarn for just this purpose. So I'm on a small gauge cotton round up in the STASH room.

Brilla's beautiful but a better bride bag or ring bearer cushion than something to stick stuff that will snag it.


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