24 February 2008

Sushi Soon on a Saturday & Fun with fangs

We've had some rainy weather lately and between that and my lack of motivation there's been far too little walkabout of late.

I managed to just eke out an entrelac lap robe out of the rest of the Lonesome Stone sock yarn during a 1st time home buyer seminar the other night so my pin cushion knitting is done unless I get a wild hair and decide to try to fit in a third effort with small scale colour work based on some Arts & Crafts style embroidery motifs ala Dillmont.

My embellishment muse is asleep at the switch which is putting the wedding cake pin cushion in peril of not getting entered. It is a bit too plain on its own but I'm not feeling the embroidery/embellishment love.

I have threads, ribbons and ideas but nothing's really coming together. The fear is that embellishment will blow all the work I've put into it so far. So it is sitting in the studio/office until the muse wakes up.

For knitting, I've returned to a couple of hat projects that need a little rework. Not a lot of knitting right now, more frog/tinking and rethinking going on.

Armed with that projects and with rain forecast for tomorrow, I headed out for a circuit 'round Balboa Park and the 'hood.

As has been my habit of late, I left too late to be tempted by any thrift shop bargains. Most of the better ones 'round here close at 4pm and since the days are getting longer, I can still get in a good walk without losing/burning daylight or spending money.

The local restaurant scene has had lots of change of late -- closings, openings, name changes and plenty of "coming soons."

In the latter category, one of the ones I'm most interested in is the one on 5th & Nutmeg that is going to be a seafood market & sushi place. I'm much more open to that then yet another Thai place.

Also in the sushi side of the house, awhile back I discovered that Chilango's had disappeared and been replaced with a sushi place. Well, it has changed back again. The sushi place is gone and Chilango's is back. I may have to swing by and see if the killer salads and moles are also back and as they once were.

On the corner of 6th & Upas, near where the venerable San Diego Knit together convenes on the 2nd Saturday of the month, there's a construction project that spent a significant amount of time as just a big hole in the ground. The stalled project picked up steam again in the last year or so and is going to be yet another Balboa Park luxury (who are these people who can afford this surreal estate?) high-ish rise.

For a time while it was in the stalled state people amused themselves by lobbing stuff into the great grand hole -- I suspect that there was some sort of variation on the shoe tree of the disc golf course or the sneakers over telephone/utility lines. Those days are gone but clearly someone still has a sense o' humour and a flair for visual public art as the temp sidewalk bill board ad has been augmented with this great little sight gag.

That sense o' humour is one the things I love most about my crazy neighbourhood.


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