16 February 2008

The Comfy Chair First images

Still struggling with the size limit in working knitted pin cushions and preparing to do a bit of needle sculpting to keep the arms in check (and under 4 inches in wing span).

The Lonesome Stone entrelac throw is looking very much to scale but also very likely to be both too large and too small at the same time.

Too large to do anything other than obscure the construction and workmanship of the chair and too small to really drape well.

Unlike the rest of the piece, it is purely decorative but I really love the idea so I'm probably going to try to eke out another, smaller lap robe size with the small amount I have left.

At the size (2.75" x 3.25" x 1") the challenge of sewing a rectangle to fill was just a losing proposition for this sewing machine challenged knitter.

So, unlike the wedding cake version, the chair pin cushion has a combination of a cellulose sponge and acrylic nail buffers (both cut to size with an old bread knife) as it base.

The arms are filled with tightly rolled strips of quilt batting. Interestingly the batting did not give a very pin friendly landing space on the piece.

Originally, I thought that I would do some sort of icord around the back of the chair to encase wire to provide the shape/support. Instead I went with another beauty supply find -- make up wedges.

The seat and back cushions are filled with the same combination of polyfil and roving that I used in the second layer of the wedding cake and I sacrificed a second commercially purchased "strawberry" to harvest the aluminum oxide (or emery sand) for the chair's throw pillow.


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