08 March 2008

Something about a Saturday & Snow

The goal on today's outing was to spread the such as it is what there is news about the Stitch N Pitch event to the gathering what is the San Diego Knit together.

I even managed to get a not terribly late start to the day but alas and alack, there was no knit together to be found just empty lawn, the odd sunbather and the usual pockets of homeless persons.

In a continuing theme of San Diego never seems to do anything on the date, today the signs went up about this year's Saint Patrick's day parade and mini-festival.

Seems on a day when togas and daggers should be the theme, instead there will be shamrocks and shillelaghs.

I've been feeling more than a bit guilty over shelving the mittens, hats and cold weather projects for my Cleve-burg clan while I was preoccupied with pin cushions.

Having come back to them recently, I've also been concerned that by the time they get finished and into the mail they will be mothballed until next Autumn/Winter. Apparently this is a needless worry as this morning's email included a lovely photo of the "small amount" (read just under a foot) of snow that fell in Stow, Ohio over night.


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