07 March 2008

Unfortunate names & random thoughts

Seen on a fire extinguisher -- Anita Fire. The full name of the biz is Anita Fire Hose Company of Lemon Grove.

The Paton's Decor hat stitch pattern has stopped with the kicking my bum stage and moved on to the not long enough, not long enough, oops phase. It's in ribbing and, having made the decision to not increase out as far as I might have done so it looks a bit long.

What's really weird about this hat is that PWSKB (People Who Should Know Better) aka knitters, have been asking the stupidest questions about it. Knit items stretch. If they are narrower than the desired finished size you make them longer than you might otherwise do so that they end up the right size.

I've actually had knitters ask me if the intended recipient has an oddly shaped (long and narrow head) -- weird.

The sibling Universal Yarn Classic Worsted Tapestry is also starting to take shape and for this one I am using the Tassel Stitch pattern I fell for so long ago. I've increased this one out to 24 stitches on a side to accommodate the 6 stitch pattern motif.


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