04 March 2008

Ides minus 11 or should that be XI?

Priority mail and tracking/delivery tracking tells me that the pin cushions arrived at the Piecework offices in Loveland yesterday around 1pm.

I hope that my if you can't be early be fabulous, or presentation counts, gave someone there a smile.

Meet heather, she has a drinking problem. Yup, she sucks down water like you wouldn't believe.

She's been living in my kitchen window with the blue glass and glow in the dark devil duckie for about a week.

Big risk on my part to bring a live plant into my home -- especially one that shares my name. Once upon a time I had a green thumb. That was a long time ago so I'm pretty much risking killing myself with this little shrub but so far she seems to be happy even if she does drink a lot.

It's March and the ides are approaching. The ides mark the two year mark for the blog let's hope heather survives to see that date.

Also marking an anniversary on the ides is a little yahoo email group that I've kept under wraps for five years. It's decloaking on the 15th.

On a related note, the first Urban Grind pick up game of knitting took place in April of 2003 and last week, it came back to life after a period of hibernation. There were three of us and with a bit of luck that number will grow or at least remain stable.

As long as I live nearby, even if I no longer have the luxury of working at home on Thursdays, I'll keep Urban Grind on my monthly calendar for low commitment group knitting in public.

Whistlestop knitting and the walk over and back were great.

Although there was a bit of a miscommunication about whether we were meeting here or there, I finally managed to connect up with my pal Brent who had foolishly but wonderfully stretched his budget to buy me these great goodies.

The first is a fab-o woven chenille throw. What Brent didn't know is that i not only know of Churchill Weavers but I have a connection to Berea, Kentucky.

The throw is still living in the so not me box that Brent packed it up in. It's a gorgeous thing and would not last well around Kali. I love them both but can see how they really must be kept apart.

The second is this great gecko who is quite literally hanging out with some of my other decorative reptiles.


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