01 June 2008


Yes Virginia, there will be blog postings in June. Kicking it off on a Whistlestop-age knitting weekend, that finds me up against it for getting good photos for one of the secret squirrel sports knitting projects.

I have been trying, for some time now, asking any and all who might happen to have spare sporting goods and/or sports minded spawn who could be pressed into modeling duty. But, as is often the case in such circumstances there was a lot more agreement in principle than follow through -- pish.

So in the 11th hour it was Ted and Erin at the Whistlestop and as glorious as Erin is, the photos still may not be all I'd like for tomorrow's deadline -- double pish.

So since I can't share photos of the elegant Erin or the secret squirrel knitting I'll go with a silly South Park shot.

There's a Laundromat at 30th & Redwood with an interesting window sign. My best guess is that originally the special was double load washers and when that just wasn't enough they went to triple load. Where I think they may have gone wrong was to only have one side repainted in a cost cutting effort that has either gone largely unnoticed or become part of the charm.


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