04 June 2008

Laurel Street Hill some signs along the way

I have no idea what the grade is on Laurel Street hill.

For some reason or another, the city of San Diego thinks that it is important to note that my little one block long stretch of street have a sign showing the slope/incline grade of the hill but most of the "way more vertical" streets don't get the signage.

Everyone seems to agree that the Laurel Street hill is steep. There are steeper streets but Laurel is the standard that most people know.

Laurel Street runs from Harbor Drive up to Balboa Park. Once the street crosses 6th it becomes El Prado. The photo was taken at the corner of Columbia and Laurel.

I walk Laurel Street a lot. It's a normal part of my route into downtown via Little Italy or a Hillcrest - Balboa Park - Mission Hills - Hillcrest loop.

Back in March when I took these shots, I was detouring into Little Italy and decided to take document some of the more amusing signs I came upon along the way.

The top of the hill offers some great views that are available for free but if you like you can rent one. Okay, so maybe it's more a pitch for the apartment in an effort to justify the likely high rental price and the flight path location.

I'm sure the actual business is a serious and good thing but I've always found the name and sign amusing. I've resisted the impulse to Photoshop it to read PsychDiego even though that's how I always think of it.


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