01 July 2008

A little Stitch N Pitch recap and sweeping up shop

Sunday was the third San Diego Stitch N Pitch. The original hopes for an even bigger event than last year's hit a few snags along the way.

Gas prices, higher ticket prices, a seriously sucking team and some timing issues all combined to make ticket sales a bigger challenge this year.

I'm told that we just barely made it over 200 tickets and it was a very near thing indeed. I'm afraid some shops ended up with tickets unsold and the distribution of the ticket blocks still isn't ideal but it was a good time.

I walked down and back. Got a bit of a sunburn as a result. I'm not hugely concerned about the burn as it took roughly four hours of sun exposure at midday to do the damage that doesn't hurt and will just turn brown.

Phil, the video dude from North County Times did a nice job of filming the event. I was a little bummed that one of my projects didn't make the final video cut but also pleased that he respected the fact that my other project is in the not-to-be-filmed, unbloggable phase.

Late last week I made a pit stop at Joann's to pick up a couple of size 5 US circs to keep that project's progress going through the game and the weekend. I didn't think that the 14" aluminum straights were very close quarters knitting friendly and I really needed to get the prototype to the point where I was sure the design/construction was going to work.

I was also making slow but painful process on another part of that design during the game when I looked down and realised that I'd ribbed when I shouldn't have done. The oops ribbing was almost the whole day's progress so I shifted and worked on the prototype section while debating whether to crochet hook correct or frog.

On the way home, I dropped my completed Reader crossword puzzle in the mail slot at their India Street address.

I noticed on the way home that Sandy and company had packed up the remaining inventory and cleared the shop.

There was a stack of book cases on the sidewalk and this blow up of the familiar business card in the window.

She'll still be doing her online thing with ABE and boy shouldn't thank me for helping to convince her to go online?

Okay, truth, over the years we've both done the good friend and sounding board thing of helping to break through personal barriers. I'm quite clear that we've also done the friend thing of annoying the hell out of each other and I'm going to miss both.

She takes Bertie the bookworm and her crazy stripes fingerless mitts along to remind her of me. Perhaps she'll bookmark the blog to keep current on my knitting and other please gods progress. I've got the business card with the new info, the email address and a new inspiration/target for colder weather knits.


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